The directions are below on how to upload FROM glogster to your wiki class page.

Using your Glogster, you will need to copy and paste your URL from your gloster account to your assignment block class listed on side bar menu! Please make sure you open the block, then click the pencil to edit the page NOT the menu page. Make sure you have your name so you can receive credit! Here are the instructions:
  • log on to your edu glogster account
  • scroll down to your assignment
  • click edit
  • copy the URL link
  • open Ms. Jenner's wiki
  • open the Assignment BLOCK page
  • click edit
  • scroll down
  • paste your URL link
  • click save on the assignment wiki page

  • Open your glog that doesn't have "edu" in it
  • Make a new EDU glogster account on (if you don't have another email, make one up. Ex:
  • Open a new glogster in your EDU account
  • Your Image, Video, and Sound files SHOULD still be stored on your computer.
  • On your non-edu glog, copy the words in the text box
  • Open another text box in your edu glog
  • Paste the words into the text box
  • Repeat until all text is in the EDU glog